Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Style Challenge Series || Week 4

Here we are at the last week of the March Style Challenge.  This was so much fun to do. I'd love to do another one, perhaps make up my own for some time in the fall. This challenge by Modesty With a Capital M did indeed get challenging for me as the month wound down and my outfits got very, very repetitive in its final week. I'll be visiting my family over Easter and wanting to keep clothes clean for packing becomes priority over trying to find a different outfit each day.

During the last week of this challenge, even though I repeated a couple of outfits a couple of times, I realized that they actually fit pretty well into their respective daily challenge. Take a look and see if you think so too!

March 24: Pop of Color
 I went through a couple of outfit choices this day. It was cloudy and blah outside, following suit with the three previous weeks this month. I finally ended with this, light 3/4 sleeve sweater with the other side of the reversible vest that I wore last week and then I twisted one of my scarves into a necklace just for a little change from the norm.

Scarf: Gift
Sweater: Old Navy
Vest: Hand me down
Jeans: Kohls

March 25: Pinspired


I had been wanting to wear this outfit for a while but was saving it up for this day of the challenge. The gingham shirt is a fairly recent purchase and when I saw the outfit to the left on Pinterest I knew I had a slightly similar sweater. Now that I think of it, that sweater is pretty old. I'm surprised it's held together so long! I don't remember where I got it but it used to have a hood that I ended up cutting off at some point. I finished the look with dark wash denim since I don't own any tan pants. This outfit turned out to be perfect for early Spring! I was so comfortable in it all day, never once feeling too warm or too cold!

Button down shirt: Uniqlo (via Twice)
Sweater: ?? 
Jeans: Kohls

March 26: Favorite Skirt

The top portion of this outfit was a bit of an experiment. I've worn this skirt quite a few times since I bought it at the beginning of the month, so I wanted a slightly different look than the more formal church outfits that I's been putting together. Enter the chambray shirt. I don't wear the belt very often because it's an elasticized belt, so more for accessorizing than practical use. Over all, not something I think I'll wear again, but don't quote me on that. 

Shirt: Kohls
Belt: Old Navy
Pink tank top: Target
Gray tank top: Mardens
Skirt: Walmart
 Shoes: Payless Shoe Source

March 27: Favorite Top // March 28: Simplicity
 Remember how I said things got repetitive. Well, Does this shirt look familiar. I really did wear these shirts 3 days in a row (minus the gray tank top.) It didn't get all that dirty or smelly, I promise!! 
Why I chose it for my favorite top: Well...it is!! I mean, look! I wore it 3 days in a row! the pink tank top is seriously the softest and most comfortable tank top I have ever owned. It's nice and long too which is great because I rarely have to adjust it when I sit or stand. The chambray shirt, again soft, comfortable, and all the nice things you can think of to say about an article of clothing!
Why I chose this outfit for simplicity: Actually, I wore two different pairs of pants on these days that were both black. Basic black. I know, I know...I sort of cheated here. These are indeed my dark wash denim jeans again. Seriously though, what could be a more simple and casual look than chambray on denim?
Do I really need to do outfit details for this?...Okay, I won't be that lazy.

Necklace: Trapp Family Lodge 
Shirt: Kohls
Tank top: Target
Jeans: Kohls

March 29: Interesting Shoes
Okay, this picture was taken today. Really, I'm not actually that lazy most of the time. I had a really busy week between skiing, a birthday party, a baby shower, and meeting up with visiting family my days started out with getting dressed, doing whatever cleaning chores needed to be done (even some of those were not accomplished), and heading out the door. Anyway...excuses, excuses. Ha! These shoes are quickly becoming my go to shoes everyday now that the temperature seems to be slowly but steadily increasing. My winter slippers are ready for a break and for some deodorizer. TMI. These are the most interesting pair of shoes I own. They're Aldo shoes that I found brand new at the thrift store. I tried them on and they fit perfectly!        
Shoes: Goodwill

March 30: Mixing Patterns
And after all that talk of not being lazy, here is my pattern mixing outfit. Though, the first outfit this week could have fit the bill, this scarf alone does a lovely job mixing floral, chevron, and polka dots. I discovered that the colors in the scarf coordinated really well with my shoes, so I get points for that right? I was also thinking that this entire outfit could have easily been the simplicity outfit on the 28th. Ah well, getting ready to pack and working with relatively limited resources.

Scarf: Gift
Shirt: Goodwill
Jeans: JC Penney
Shoes: Goodwill

March 31: Bright Colors
Well, hello again shirt and scarf! I think that even though I repeated yet again, there is no denying that this outfit does have bright colors in it! There's not a whole lot to say about this outfit that hasn't already been said except for the pants. Those are corduroys that I try not to wear too much in the spring but they work well for today. Yet another cool, cloudy day.

Scarf: Gift (You knew that by now, right)
Shirt: Goodwill
Pants: Walmart

Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Cables || What I've Been Up To

I've been up to the mountains!

Sorry for skipping out on Friday. I started a post Thursday but never finished it because the past week has been pretty busy and I went skiing Friday. I planned today to share a post that I prepared yesterday, but I am still out and about and forgot to bring along the computer so I guess I'll just share a few pictures of me skiing, well, standing on the slopes.

This first picture is actually on a little pond and just looked cool with the invasive phragmites. It felt very safari like, except for the cold, the snow, and the fact that I've never been on a safari. This was actually taken a couple of months ago and has absolutely nothing to do with skiing.

Now, here is a picture of me smiling on a ski trip on March 8th. It was my second official trip. Let me just say...there were a lot of literal ski trips during this ski trip. I just picked myself up and kept going. I started the blue square (intermediate slopes) that day.

And this picture is from March 22nd, the 5th time I went skiing. My husband used to ski a lot and, after a roughly 10 year break, he found all the ski equipment we needed to start this year by the end of the season. Hence the several trips in a short time. It's been fun, but boy, it has been pretty difficult too! I think I started skiing black diamonds this day. Very, very slowly. I just go back and forth across the slope to get down instead of just barreling straight down the mountain!

---I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord,
the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2---
2My help

Monday, March 23, 2015

March Style Challenge Series || Week 3

--Busy day ahead, so I'm publishing today's post from my iPad and I'll add yesterday's photo to the beginning of next week's post. Which will also be the the last post in this series! Oh no!-- 

This week for the March Style Challenge by Modesty with a Capital M I wore a lot of gray. I noticed that I owned a lot and now I know that, yes indeed, I wear it a lot too. It's good to know though. Now I have something fashion-wise to work on. Incorporating more color in instead of blacks and grays and blues all the time. That is definitely an attainable Spring goal!

March 18 and 19: New Hairstyle and Wear a hat
I was skiing on March 18th and decided it wasn't worth it to do a new hairstyle when most of my hair would be in a helmet. So both of these photos are from March 19th. The fishtail braid is not a new hairstyle for me, but more a rare one. I've actually been trying to wear my hair down much, much more often because my default daily hair style was becoming a ponytail and the elastics were definitely doing some damage. My hair was in need of a shampoo so the greasiness texture was just right for a nice fishtail braid. Plus that theme goes along well with one of the only hats I own which is from a fly fishing company.I actually kind of liked how this whole ensemble looked and may wear it again sometime before it gets too warm out!

Hat: Hand me down(?) aka my husband got it free didn't want it
Vest: Hand me down
Tanktop: Hanes Outlet
Shirt: Goodwill
Jeans: Kohls

March 20: Spring is Here!
Okay, not very Spring like. Please tell me what you would wear on the first day of Spring when the high temperature is 34 and it snows all. day. long. I tried....It's a vest. This sweater does not have sleeves!! That is all the explanation and excuse that I have for this outfit. Oh wait, My jeans had buttons on the back pockets that day. That was not fun. Every time I stood up I had to unloop the sweater from the buttons on my backside. Note to self: never repeat this outfit. Note to Spring: Never repeat this weather.

Cardigan: (?) Walmart, I think.
Shirt: Hand me down
Jeans: Walmart

March 21: Dress Like a Disney Character
I'm cheating a bit with this. This is what I intended to wear but it was just slightly too warm so I wore my plaid shirt that I had already worn before in this challenge. Anyway, this is my Eeyore inspired outfit. I went to pinterest in search of some Disney inspired outfit and as soon as a nice gray Eeyore outfit showed up I knew I had the clothes for it and a nice pink shirt that was exactly the same color as the bow on poor Eeyore's tail that always needed to be pinned back on him. I also decided I should put my hair up again. A french braid this time just to have a little "tail."

Tank top: Gift
Sweater: Cotton Company
Jeans: Kohls

March 22: Made By You
I sewed this dress last year. I would love to sew it again but have not yet found any fabric that "speaks to me" for this pattern. You can see the dress sans cardigan in a post on my old blog by clicking >here<. This fabric is busy but, I don't know...there's something about this dress that I still like anyway. I'm not sure if deep down I really do like the print or if it's the vintage shape, or what...

Cardigan: Marden's
Dress: Made by me!
Cami: Hanes Outlet

March 23: Natural
And the third gray outfit in a week! I wasn't totally sure what I was supposed to wear today. Natural colors, natural fabrics...? So I basically pulled out some things I naturally wear on a regular basis, but added a little twist to it. The blue/green vest is actually my favorite scarf. The one from March 14th in the really dark picture. The sun was shining today! I decided that I would use the natural/organic look of the scarf and the ripples and waves it makes as the natural element of this outfit.

Shirt: Reny's
Tank top: Old Navy
Jeans: JC Penney
Scarf/Vest: J.Jill

Do you find a lot of one certain color in your wardrobe? 
Have you ever styled a scarf as a vest?

What sort of Wednesday posts would you like to see in April? 
Wedding series?
Vintage movie/music series?
Continue a fashion series?

Monday Cables || Project Haul

I suppose this could have been called "Project and Haul" but isn't it funny how changing a phrase by removing just one word can make it sound more interesting?

The Project: Sewing Leggings

In my most recent March Style post there was a "Make Leggings Modest" challenge. I wore workout leggings because I actually did not own a nice comfy pair of knit leggings. However, I did own a yard of lovely knit fabric and spent a morning looking for a nice skirt pattern to sew, even though i already have a skirt in this same fabric, but had no luck. Personally, I love sewing skirts. Depending on the style, skirt patterns are usually very forgiving and they are so quick to sew! Later that evening I decided to look for ANY pattern that I could use this knit fabric for!

Enter this tutorial: http://www.tashadelrae.com/2010/01/diy-leggings.html
Not only was I going to be able to (in theory) sew something with my yard of fabric, but I would also be drafting a pattern for the very first time! The way the girl wrote out her instructions on how to measure and draft the pattern is amazing. It was so simple!! And you end up with a grand total of just 2 pieces of fabric to sew together!

 I drafted my pattern to go from my natural waist to just past my ankles but it turned out that I didn't have quite enough fabric for that so I just placed my pattern so that it would be about capri length leggings.

And here is the finished pair. I only had white thread on my serger from sewing my wedding dress but I figured that I might mess up this first pair of leggings and if not the thread could only be seen in the inseam....plus I have Sharpies and I would totally color the visible thread with Sharpie if I thought it was necessary. Now, I just need to either make a plain black skirt, or retrieve mine from my boxes of stuff so I can wear it with the leggings!

The Haul:

I went to Goodwill the other day. A HUGE Goodwill. I bought myself some things for spring that need to be resized/altered and I figured since everything was $5 or less, why not get some alterations practice out of it?

Here is what what I bought and what I plan on attempting to turn each item into, thought I'm not making alterations to everything.

 Left to Right:
Striped tube top maxi dress into Yoga waist maxi skirt
Mint/Tan Tunic Sweater, No Alterations
Color block dress remaining as is, but resizing
Birds button down tanktop as is, but resizing
Reversible smocked sundress (I think it was probably a swimsuit coverup) No alterations, except maybe the waistband. I plan on wearing it as a skirt.

The find of the day was this vintage kilt skirt. 100% wool with leather strap fasteners it's by Glenisla Classics and I can't find a thing about it anywhere. I saw a few of the same brand for sale on Etsy in a wide price range and sellers saying it was from the 1960s through the 1980s and for just $3.50 at Goodwill, I couldn't say no. I may attempt to sell mine but honestly I think it's ugly but I am determined to come up with an outfit for Easter because the color scheme is obnoxiously perfect! Even though it is slightly big for me and it ends most unflatteringly at mid calf level (wonderful sales pitch) I really want to wear it on Easter and I will certainly share if that happens!

 I apologize for the plaid on plaid that's probably made half of you go googly eyed!

---Isaiah 1:18  “Come now, let us settle the matter,”says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.---

Thursday, March 19, 2015

DIY Drawer Divider

Last fall I bought a small drawer divider for makeup on which I spent more than I wish to disclose. I have been wanting to make a drawer divider for my nightstand for quite some time. I made some large drawer dividers for my dresser a while back with this method. So, here is the slightly downsized version for my slightly over stuffed nightstand. Please excuse the random backgrounds. This project wasn't small enough to photograph in front of a sheet of white paper.

You will need:
  • A pencil
  • Ruler/Tape measure
  • Cardboard
  • Razor knife or X-Acto Knife (Not pictured, I always seem to forget something)
1. Start off by emptying out your drawer and getting rid of the things you don't use or need. This makes the rest of the process 100% easier.

2.Return items to drawer in organizing them into the spots where you would like them divided. (As you can see, compared to my first picture, things did get swapped around a little in the end.)


3. Use a ruler to draw straight lines dividing the bottom of the drawer into sections. (Something similar   to a tic tac toe board usually works best. Staggered sections will probably not be your friend)

4. Measure length, width,  and depth of drawer and figure out the number of pieces you'll need and their dimensions. (I ended up needing 2 pieces 12 3/4 X 3 inches, 1 piece 10 X 3 inches, and 1 piece 6 X 3 inches)

 5. Mark your pieces on the cardboard and cut! Very carefully! (Try out the pieces one at a time that are the entire length and/or width of the drawer to make sure they fit securely, trim down any excess length, width, or depth as needed.)

 Be careful with this step too since it's easy to cut pieces off and much more difficult to put them back on.

6. Mark the cross sections of your dividers and carefully cut halfway into each piece at each cross section. Make this cut no wider than the thickness of your cardboard to the dividers will fit together easily but will not be so loose that they fall apart. (Hello YouTube! I was watching some Tanya Burr vlogs. :) )

7. Assemble the dividers in the drawer, again, trimming carefully if needed.

8. Place your items into their new homes and enjoy a beautifully organized drawer!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March Style Challenge Series || Week 2

These past two weeks I have really enjoyed looking at the challenge list from Modesty with a Capital M each night and figuring out what I'm going to wear the next day. It makes getting ready in the morning just a little bit quicker. It's fun to try and search through my closet and dresser for something that meets the next day's requirement. I think it was a little more difficult for me than last week.

March 11: Something New
 This was probably the easiest day for me this week because I had just gone shopping and grabbed a couple of tank tops. I bought a mint one and the light blueish one pictured. I'm not really sure if it's light blue or lavender. It looked a little more on the blue side beneath the chambray shirt so I grabbed my royal blue necklace that I got months ago but have hardly worn and put that on as well. I also wore the Lauren Conrad pants that I altered to straight legged jeans.

Necklace: Kohls
Black Cami: Hanes Outlet
Tank Top: Old Navy
Chambray: Kohls
Jeans: Kohls

March 12: Something Old

 The easiest day of the week was followed by today, the most difficult one. I don't own many old clothes. The jeans I'm wearing are maybe 4 years old...but they're jeans. Since my very small amount of vintage clothes are 300 miles away, I decided to try and style something of my husband's for this outfit and I'm not totally going for it. I had on a thin hoodie and since it's still chilly in the mornings I thought it might look alright with this green army shirt over it. This one is cotton, although I did try on one of the wool ones but it was way too big. I used a belt to cinch the waist since this shirt was quite large as well. I don't know...

Hoodie: Gift
Army Shirt: Military Surplus Store
Jeans: JC Penney

March 13: Making Leggings Modest

I really like wearing leggings later in the spring with light, knit skirts. Currently I don't own any knit leggings so I put on these workout ones for pictures and didn't wear this outfit the entire day. It's a little on the formal side for blogging and housework.

Tank Top: Walmart
Cardigan: Kohls
Skirt: Made by me :)
Leggings: Gift

March 14: Favorite Color
Well, the color didn't show up too good in this one. Indoor photos are not ideal. Rainy days make them even less ideal than they were to begin with. Anyway, That is a lovely Blue-green scarf, leaning very much on the teal side of things. My favorite color is tea, any and all shades of it. Hence the ombre scar. I suppose I'll have to include it in an outfit on a sunny day as well so the color shows up correctly.

 Scarf: J.Jill
Shirt: Walmart
Cardigan: Gift
Jeans: Walmart

March 15: Maxi Skirt
 This maxi skirt is part of my growing maxi skirt collection. It's the most recent addition which I purchased at the end of February for just three dollars! This was a very comfortable outfit to wear to church with just a gray tank, black tee, and hot pink knit cardigan for a big splash of color!

Cardigan: Marden's
T-shirt: T.J. Maxx
Tank top: Marden's
Maxi Skirt: Walmart
Shoes: Payless Shoe Source

March 16: Oh dear, I missed another day. Honestly, I don't wear much jewelry. Maybe a necklace every other week and earrings about once a month or even every other month. --I could reuse this week's first picture, but I wasn't totally focusing on the jewelry for that ensemble.--The only jewelry I wore today, March 16th, were my wedding and engagement rings (which are from this cool site that sells vintage and antique jewelry http://www.tentwothree.com/ ) and those are pretty small, per my request, because like I said before, I just don't wear all that much jewelry! Hm. This is giving me an idea for future posts.

March 17: Green
Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I don't think there's too much explanation needed as to why I chose this ensemble. I know the pants and the shirt clash...but they're both green and clashing greens are not the worst combo...not like clashing reds or browns, in my opinion anyway. I've also heard that it is "fashionably correct" to wear up to a few different shades in the same color family together. So, I guess I'm safe. This cardigan seems to work with the whole thing and made it's second appearance this week! The navy scarf is covering up the stretched out crew neck on the t-shirt. The pants, let me explain here because it's too long for the outfit details. Where I used to work had a "free bin" in the break room and people could put basically whatever they wanted in it, though mostly it was clothes. for a while I had been thinking about buying a pair of colored jeans, but couldn't find any at the right price. Not too long after, I was at work putting my lunch in the fridge and glanced into the bin and saw these bright green jeans on top and free was definitely the perfect price!

Scarf: Gift
Cardigan: Gift
T-shirt: homemade
Belt: Savers
Pants: ? Free

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Cables || Study

Once upon a time when I dabbled a bit more in the visual arts rather than the crafts side of things (Hm, maybe they're the same.) I spent some free time doing a little study on Greta Garbo's face. It started out as just a little gradient practice using black watercolor. Of course when I finished the first picture I got a little carried away. I grabbed my charcoal pencils and a plain old ball point pen.
These are the results. I was pretty pleased with the watercolor. She looks like she has a slight milk mustache on the corner of her lip because I photoshopped a glare out of the picture.

The results of the charcoal were pleasing as well.

Now, the ball point pen was a little disappointing. I used a pointillism method for this. Just making tiny clisters of dots to draw the picture.  The eye on the left is slightly off but I didn't mind much for a quick freehand study.
 Have you ever done a drawing study before?
 Do you have a preferred art medium that you Like to work with? Paint, pencil, clay, etc.?


Isaiah 64:8  

But now, O Lord,You are our Father;We are the clay,and You our potter;And all we are the work of Your hand.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Flower Bauble || Tutorial

I have a hook on my door that I plan on hanging something from seasonally. Well, Just for the month of February I hung a heart wreath from it but for the most part it should be seasonal. I didn't have anything yet for spring and I was trying to think of something sort of small I could make then inspiration struck and I came up with this Spring Bauble.It was a great excuse to use my Daisy knitter a lot too!

There are a variety of ways you can make one for yourself. You could buy some artificial flowers from the craft store instead of making them. You can also change the size or shape of the foam base for different looks. The larger the base, the more flowers you'll need. Mine is about a 2 inch diameter foam sphere and I think there are 14 flowers on it!

Let's begin!:

Spring Bauble Tutorial

  •  Styrofoam ball
  • Ribbon
  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire 
  • Wire cutters (not pictured)
  • Artificial flowers

Step 1: Wrap your foam base in floral tape. Be sure to stretch the tape slightly as you wrap so it sticks to the foam and to itself.

Step 2: Cut ribbon and tie the ends in a knot. Don't worry is ribbon frays slightly, this will be covered over by the flowers.

Step 3: Cut enough wire so that both ends are long enough to go entirely through the foam base and you are able to twist them a few times on the other side. This ensures that it will hang securely and the wire won't slip out.

Step 4: Push wire through foam base making sure that the ribbon is inside the U. Twist the ends at the bottom and trim.

Step 5: Attach flowers to the foam base using sections of wire cut into smaller U shapes. Flowers should be placed close enough to raise the petals of the flowers surrounding them. (You could also use straight pins for this step if you prefer.)

 Once you've finished placing the flowers, hang your new decoration and enjoy!

I would love to see if you make one of these! If you post on instagram you can tag me @ElegantHomestead or feel free to post your pictures to my facebook page www.facebook.com/eleganthomestead!

Thanks for reading! Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March Style Challenge Series

Three days into March I decided that it was not too late to start some sort of style challenge. I really enjoyed  Three Days/Three Ways button down shirt and maxi skirt challenges I had done previously, and I know several of my followers were directed to my blog via those linkups.

After a quick internet search the challenge I decided on was a pretty basic one by Naomi over at Modesty with a Capital M. I needed something fairly basic and straight forward because half of my wardrobe is still about 300 miles away and I figured this sort of thing would help me make the most of what I do have right now. I'll be bringing some spring clothes back with my when I visit my parents in a few weeks!! I can't wait for Spring!

I need a better spot for taking photos...the snow is melting!! In front of this door is the most well lit area available immediately after getting dressed in the morning. It's very difficult to get the whole outfit (aka the shoes) in the pictures so I finally figured as long as the item that the outfit was sort of built around is in the photos then I'm all set.

 Here is week 1:

March 3: Polka Dots
 I don't own many things with polka dots. This scarf and a shirt that I don't have with me are it, I think. I wore it with jeans and slippers, which I didn't get in the picture. I really liked the way so many colors in the scarf matched the stripes in the sweater. The slippers I was wearing even matched the bottom stripe of the sweater!
Scarf: Gift
Cardigan: Cotton Company
Jeans: Walmart
Slippers: Woolrich via Sierra Trading Post

March 4: Making Jeans Modest
Modesty standards about wearing jeans vary a lot. I wear jeans and pants most of the time and don't feel that they are immodest. (Though, there are definitely immodest styles out there.) I decided to meet today's challenge of making my jeans more modest by covering up my backside with a long cardigan.

Shirt: Gift
Cardigan: Kohls
Jeans: Walmart 

March 5: OH NO! I started crocheting a chevron scarf when I realized I didn't own anything in chevron. (I have tons of striped clothes. Unfortunately I didn't finish it. :(

March 6: Warm Scarf
 This is a 100% wool stole I tied up two corners diagonally opposite and twisted it into a scarf. It is VERY warm. I wore this scarf quite a few times during the winter because it's so cozy and so colorful! A cool thing about this scarf is that it's the Scottish tartan of my maiden family name!

Scarf: Gift
Vest: L.L. Bean
Shirt: Reny's
Pants: Kohls

 March 7: Full Skirt
 By circumference of the bottom hem, this is the fullest skirt I have right now. It's a wonderfully comfortable stretch knit maxi skirt. I think maxi skirts are probably the most comfortable article of clothing in the world. Warm in winter, cool in summer, and when it's knit, it's like almost like wearing sweatpants, but you can get away with wearing a maxi skirt to church! (Which is what I did. I wore this outfit March 8th and the following outfit on March 7th. I'm just keeping the dates in the order they were for the challenge.)

Pearls: Gift
Cardigan: Gift
Tank Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Family Dollar

March 8: Dressy Scarf
 Here's a hand crocheted item that I made a few years ago now. I just love all the fringe! It takes a long time to weave one little piece of yarn into each stitch but I love how it looks when it's finished. I made one as a Christmas Gift for a friend last year in a beautiful blue-green color. And now, I feel like making another!

Scarf: Made by me :)
Sweater: Old Navy
Tank Top: Old Navy
Jeans: Walmart

 This might be one of the last days I can wear a classic plaid flannel shirt this winter. It's in the 40s today! I had to include my shoes in this picture because I wore my suede loafers today! Mainly I've been wearing sneakers or boots for the past few months in all the snow and ice and slush. Today when I went outside I wore my suede loafers and I didn't wear my coat!

Shirt: Gift
Tank Top: Gift
Pants: Kohls
Shoes: Target

March 10: Layers

This day of the challenge wasn't too difficult for me. I regularly dress in at least two or three layers. I even added a hoodie and puffy vest to this later when I went outside! I think I've worn this outfit or something very similar before. The cardigan is a hand me down from a friend. I love her taste in clothes and I actually have quite a few hand me downs from her! (Ha, she does give them to me, I don't just take them!) The jeans were Lauren Conrad flares that were a little on the short side so I turned them into skinny jeans.  This outfit is very comfortable and the cardigan gives it a nice "put together" look that just the tee and jeans wouldn't have.

Tank top: Target
Tee: Old Navy
Cardigan: Hand me down
Jeans: Kohls

Which outfit was your favorite?
Do you have a friend or relative that you love to receive hand me downs from?
Is it warm enough to start wearing Spring clothes where you live?