Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March Style Challenge Series || Week 2

These past two weeks I have really enjoyed looking at the challenge list from Modesty with a Capital M each night and figuring out what I'm going to wear the next day. It makes getting ready in the morning just a little bit quicker. It's fun to try and search through my closet and dresser for something that meets the next day's requirement. I think it was a little more difficult for me than last week.

March 11: Something New
 This was probably the easiest day for me this week because I had just gone shopping and grabbed a couple of tank tops. I bought a mint one and the light blueish one pictured. I'm not really sure if it's light blue or lavender. It looked a little more on the blue side beneath the chambray shirt so I grabbed my royal blue necklace that I got months ago but have hardly worn and put that on as well. I also wore the Lauren Conrad pants that I altered to straight legged jeans.

Necklace: Kohls
Black Cami: Hanes Outlet
Tank Top: Old Navy
Chambray: Kohls
Jeans: Kohls

March 12: Something Old

 The easiest day of the week was followed by today, the most difficult one. I don't own many old clothes. The jeans I'm wearing are maybe 4 years old...but they're jeans. Since my very small amount of vintage clothes are 300 miles away, I decided to try and style something of my husband's for this outfit and I'm not totally going for it. I had on a thin hoodie and since it's still chilly in the mornings I thought it might look alright with this green army shirt over it. This one is cotton, although I did try on one of the wool ones but it was way too big. I used a belt to cinch the waist since this shirt was quite large as well. I don't know...

Hoodie: Gift
Army Shirt: Military Surplus Store
Jeans: JC Penney

March 13: Making Leggings Modest

I really like wearing leggings later in the spring with light, knit skirts. Currently I don't own any knit leggings so I put on these workout ones for pictures and didn't wear this outfit the entire day. It's a little on the formal side for blogging and housework.

Tank Top: Walmart
Cardigan: Kohls
Skirt: Made by me :)
Leggings: Gift

March 14: Favorite Color
Well, the color didn't show up too good in this one. Indoor photos are not ideal. Rainy days make them even less ideal than they were to begin with. Anyway, That is a lovely Blue-green scarf, leaning very much on the teal side of things. My favorite color is tea, any and all shades of it. Hence the ombre scar. I suppose I'll have to include it in an outfit on a sunny day as well so the color shows up correctly.

 Scarf: J.Jill
Shirt: Walmart
Cardigan: Gift
Jeans: Walmart

March 15: Maxi Skirt
 This maxi skirt is part of my growing maxi skirt collection. It's the most recent addition which I purchased at the end of February for just three dollars! This was a very comfortable outfit to wear to church with just a gray tank, black tee, and hot pink knit cardigan for a big splash of color!

Cardigan: Marden's
T-shirt: T.J. Maxx
Tank top: Marden's
Maxi Skirt: Walmart
Shoes: Payless Shoe Source

March 16: Oh dear, I missed another day. Honestly, I don't wear much jewelry. Maybe a necklace every other week and earrings about once a month or even every other month. --I could reuse this week's first picture, but I wasn't totally focusing on the jewelry for that ensemble.--The only jewelry I wore today, March 16th, were my wedding and engagement rings (which are from this cool site that sells vintage and antique jewelry ) and those are pretty small, per my request, because like I said before, I just don't wear all that much jewelry! Hm. This is giving me an idea for future posts.

March 17: Green
Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I don't think there's too much explanation needed as to why I chose this ensemble. I know the pants and the shirt clash...but they're both green and clashing greens are not the worst combo...not like clashing reds or browns, in my opinion anyway. I've also heard that it is "fashionably correct" to wear up to a few different shades in the same color family together. So, I guess I'm safe. This cardigan seems to work with the whole thing and made it's second appearance this week! The navy scarf is covering up the stretched out crew neck on the t-shirt. The pants, let me explain here because it's too long for the outfit details. Where I used to work had a "free bin" in the break room and people could put basically whatever they wanted in it, though mostly it was clothes. for a while I had been thinking about buying a pair of colored jeans, but couldn't find any at the right price. Not too long after, I was at work putting my lunch in the fridge and glanced into the bin and saw these bright green jeans on top and free was definitely the perfect price!

Scarf: Gift
Cardigan: Gift
T-shirt: homemade
Belt: Savers
Pants: ? Free


  1. Fun outfits! :) I like the chambray shirt look (heh...obviously ;P). The cardigan you wore on the 14th and 17th looks cozy. Did you make the teal-ish scarf? It's pretty!

    1. Thanks! (Ha, I thought of you when I put the chambray outfit together!) The cardigan is wonderfully cozy. I've had it a long time and it just gets cozier with every wash. I didn't make my scarf, I got it from a store called J. Jill, so I used to joke about the tag already having my name on it. :)

  2. I love your outfts, Jill. Each one is beautiful and unique :) And your Shamrock shirt is fabulous!

    Enjoy your Thursday. Hugs!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! I really like the shamrock shirt too. I'm thinking about asking my father in law if I can wear it all spring instead of just on St. Patrick's Day!

  3. what a great week!!! march 14th was my favorite but all of your looks are great!!! i really love j. jill and kohl's. they are 2 of my favorites!!!!

    1. Thank you Debbie! Those are two of my favorite stores too!!

  4. The free bin sounds like an awesome idea! March 15th was my favorite this week--love the cardigan on you. Also the scarf on the 14th is a real winner.


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