Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Cables || Project Haul

I suppose this could have been called "Project and Haul" but isn't it funny how changing a phrase by removing just one word can make it sound more interesting?

The Project: Sewing Leggings

In my most recent March Style post there was a "Make Leggings Modest" challenge. I wore workout leggings because I actually did not own a nice comfy pair of knit leggings. However, I did own a yard of lovely knit fabric and spent a morning looking for a nice skirt pattern to sew, even though i already have a skirt in this same fabric, but had no luck. Personally, I love sewing skirts. Depending on the style, skirt patterns are usually very forgiving and they are so quick to sew! Later that evening I decided to look for ANY pattern that I could use this knit fabric for!

Enter this tutorial:
Not only was I going to be able to (in theory) sew something with my yard of fabric, but I would also be drafting a pattern for the very first time! The way the girl wrote out her instructions on how to measure and draft the pattern is amazing. It was so simple!! And you end up with a grand total of just 2 pieces of fabric to sew together!

 I drafted my pattern to go from my natural waist to just past my ankles but it turned out that I didn't have quite enough fabric for that so I just placed my pattern so that it would be about capri length leggings.

And here is the finished pair. I only had white thread on my serger from sewing my wedding dress but I figured that I might mess up this first pair of leggings and if not the thread could only be seen in the I have Sharpies and I would totally color the visible thread with Sharpie if I thought it was necessary. Now, I just need to either make a plain black skirt, or retrieve mine from my boxes of stuff so I can wear it with the leggings!

The Haul:

I went to Goodwill the other day. A HUGE Goodwill. I bought myself some things for spring that need to be resized/altered and I figured since everything was $5 or less, why not get some alterations practice out of it?

Here is what what I bought and what I plan on attempting to turn each item into, thought I'm not making alterations to everything.

 Left to Right:
Striped tube top maxi dress into Yoga waist maxi skirt
Mint/Tan Tunic Sweater, No Alterations
Color block dress remaining as is, but resizing
Birds button down tanktop as is, but resizing
Reversible smocked sundress (I think it was probably a swimsuit coverup) No alterations, except maybe the waistband. I plan on wearing it as a skirt.

The find of the day was this vintage kilt skirt. 100% wool with leather strap fasteners it's by Glenisla Classics and I can't find a thing about it anywhere. I saw a few of the same brand for sale on Etsy in a wide price range and sellers saying it was from the 1960s through the 1980s and for just $3.50 at Goodwill, I couldn't say no. I may attempt to sell mine but honestly I think it's ugly but I am determined to come up with an outfit for Easter because the color scheme is obnoxiously perfect! Even though it is slightly big for me and it ends most unflatteringly at mid calf level (wonderful sales pitch) I really want to wear it on Easter and I will certainly share if that happens!

 I apologize for the plaid on plaid that's probably made half of you go googly eyed!

---Isaiah 1:18  “Come now, let us settle the matter,”says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.---


  1. Great job on the leggings! I really don't like sewing with knits so I'm always impressed with people who can make a go of it. :)

    I absolutely LOVE your plaid kilt! If you ever do decide to sell it please tell us all on here so we can jump at the chance to scoop it up! :D

    ~Michelle ^_^

    1. I had hard time sewing with knits at first too. For past projects I was using my Brother sewing machine but for this I used an older Singer. I was using the same stitch and everything. The feed dogs didn't seem to rush the fabric through on the Singer machine so it didn't stretch out and ruffle like it would on my Brother machine. (Now I just need some ballpoint needles.)

      Thanks for letting me know you're interested in the skirt! I will certainly give a heads up here if I decide to sell it!

  2. Excellent verse! It looks like you did a great job on the leggings. You got quite the haul from Goodwill--all the best in your alterations! I love thrift shopping, but everything has to fit just right because I'm not much of a seamstress.

    1. Thank you, Bethany! This is the first time I've done a shopping trip without worrying about the sizes of the things I bought! I'm a little nervous but my goal for today is to alter at least the maxi skirt and the bird shirt. I think I might wait until i have my dress form set up before I try to resize the dress.

  3. You are a very talented and creative sewer! A great haul for your spring summer wardrobe!
    Thanks so much for following and leaving a kind comment, much appreciated!
    I am now following too!
    Best wishes!

    1. Thank you so much, Christine, for your sweet comment and follow as well! I am very happy to have you here! :)

  4. Obnoxiously perfect! I love it! Actually, the length is traditional to that kind of skirt. It's called a kilt and you can resize it by moving the leather straps back or forward. From the brand name I would guess it was made in Scotland. I have one that I haven't worn in decades! If it doesn't have any moth holes maybe I'll list in on Etsy!

    1. Yes, it was made in Scotland! I guess I forgot to include that. I really love this kilt! I have always loved anything with pleats. The colors on this one are another story though. Pastel pink, blue, green, and white. It just screams of spring and Easter baskets! I am almost positive I will find an outfit to put together for Easter with it though, before I decide whether or not to sell.
      Thanks for commenting!! :)


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