Friday, April 17, 2015

How To (or How I) || Pack for a Weekend Trip

As I mentioned a few posts back, I went to visit my parents over Easter weekend. I love road trips but I do have to say that they are much better in the car than on a big bus.  Before my husband and I were married we would take the bus to see each other. I used to pack a backpack for those trips and just kept it with me on my lap or on the floor. Being able to ride in the car is nice. I can pack a carry on size suitcase and throw snacks, a blanket, and whatever else I feel like taking in the back seat. While I was packing I decided to take some pictures of my methods and share them with all of you!

I left Friday and came back home on Monday. When I'm packing I always like to set aside comfortable clothes for while I'm en route.  I will always wear the same pair of pants for both trips, sometimes I'll wear the same shirt, usually I don't though. I always pack two shirts anyway which is definitely a good idea because snacking can get pretty messy in a moving car especially if you hit stop and go traffic.

"Trip there" and "Trip back" overlap at the pair of pants sandwiched in the middle. To the right are my pajamas. Funny story: I forgot to bring my pajamas with me when I slept over my grandparents house one time. For some reason just sleeping in my day clothes was not an option I allowed myself. For some odd reason I did pack a random fleece blanket and a crochet project. Priorities, people. I took out the sewing box and cut the fleece blanket into a pair of not-so-well  fitting shorts with a yarn drawstring. They were only used once, but they served their purpose well.

Once I've got my travel outfits all picked out then I lay out outfits for the rest of the days of my trip.  Saturday and Sunday amounted to three outfits because I packed one outfit for church and something to change into afterwards. There are a few shirts in some spots. I always layer, especially in early Spring!

Wow, a lot of negative space in the top of that picture!! These were literally taken as I was in the middle of packing. Apparently I was paying more attention to that than to the photography. It's a good thing too or I may have ended up forgetting my pajamas!

Now, how do you pack all this stuff? A three or four day trip, for me anyway, usually leaves enough space in my carry on to throw in a few pairs of flats  and maybe a pair of sandals on top of everything. I wear my sneakers in the car The key to getting it all to fit well is to roll  your clothes. I've never had an issue with wrinkly clothes packing this way, but then again I'm not too fussy about wrinkles either. I'm one of those people who will just hang a shirt or skirt in the bathroom while the shower is on.

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

When you pack a collared shirt, you'll want to fold the collar down as close to the shoulders of the shirt as you can. That way if it gets a little creased in your suitcase and you haven't got an iron, the crease will most likely be covered up by your collar anyway.

Fold the shirt in half, then fold the sleeves over, and fold in half again.

Roll the shirt from top to bottom.

Pants and skirts are both pretty simple. Pants, you fold in half so it looks like just one leg, then you fold in where the inseams meet so you've got two straight sides, and then roll. I prefer rolling pants bottom to top, but it doesn't really make much difference.
For skirts, fold them in half, then fold in the part of the skirt that flares out on the open edged side until that edge is even with the waistband, and roll.
I pack everything sideways and try not to pile things on top of each other so I can see everything I've got packed. This is what it looks like with a few items packed.
I count out socks and other essentials and those go in a front pocket. Inside the suitcase I almost always end up with room for shoes, as I mentioned before, and many times I can also fit in an extra outfit just in case (no pun intended) I change my mind or the weather changes it's mind.

Thanks for reading, and please share your own packing tips in the comments!


  1. Hey there clever lady! :) I, too, roll my clothes when I pack, but I never thought of placing them in the suitcase like you did. Next time I go somewhere I will have to use your helpful tip.

    Happy weekend, my friend!

    1. Thanks again for such a sweet compliment, Stephanie! Glad you found this post helpful! :)

  2. This is so helpful! I am taking a trip up to Washington D. C. in the coming weeks, so I will be putting this information to good use. Thank you!


    1. you're welcome, Samantha! I'm excited that you'll be able to put some of these tips into action! Have fun on your trip! DC is a really cool city to visit! Thanks for reading! :)

  3. i "roll" as well!! when my children were little, i packed outfits in ziplock bags and squeezed the air out. the entire outfit, including socks and underwear. that worked really well. with just the hubs and i, i don't have to do that!! i keep a toilet article bag packed and ready to go. it has doubles of everything we need so i never have to pack those things. that's really the best tip i have and it's just great!!

    have a happy weekend!!!

    1. The Ziploc bag tip is excellent!! I never would have thought of that. I'll definitely keep that in mind! My husband keeps his toiletries packed but I always have to pack everything before trip and unpack it all afterwords to make sure I remember everything and then didn't leave anything behind.


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