Friday, April 10, 2015

How To {Wear} What You Own

 I have honestly never considered myself to be very fashion forward, that was part of the reason that I wanted to do the Style Challenge posts last month. I do like to look like I've put some sort of thought and effort into what I'm wearing but often I find myself getting stuck in a rut and repeating outfits a lot and that's where Pinterest comes in handy.

Now, I know I'm not the first one to think of this, but I'd like to share my {Wear} board. First, the back story: When I first started Pinterest I would pin anything I really liked in any category, even if I knew the chances of my cooking, crafting, wearing the thing in the pin were basically slim to none. A while back I cleared out my Pinterest, going through each board individually and deleting the pins that I knew I would never actually use. My clothing board ended up quite empty.  Then one day after buying a new article of clothing, I logged in to Pinterest and searched that specific item...let's say it was green jeans...then I added the word "outfit" to the search.  It didn't take too long to scroll through the results and find an outfit that incorporated a few other articles of clothing similar to what I already owned. Light bulb moment!

Follow Elegant Homestead's board {Wear} on Pinterest.

I put a few um...8. Yep, 8 (I got slightly carried away) outfits together just for an example. So, on with the pictures! may recognize quite a few things from last month's Wednesday series.
Side note: The links are to the pin on my Pinterest board and to the site that the pin links to. Also, Pinterest pics on the left and my clothes on the right. It's kind of obvious though.

Outfit 1
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I found this outfit by searching for, I think, maroon pants. I tried calling the color a few different things; burgundy, raspberry, etc. I do have a leopard scarf now, but I didn't at the time I took the pictures. I sort of like the look of the plaid more anyway.

Outfit 2
Pinterest Link
[When I tried to click through the pin I got a notification that it linked to spam]

For this one I searched "fur vest outfit." P.S. Those are the only brown boots I own and they are incredibly comfortable!!

Outfit 3
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Let's me think...I'm pretty sure I found this ensemble by searching "teal scarf outfit." I don't think it was the gray shirt. Though, I have found the same outfit using different pieces as the keywords.

Outfit 4
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This was a search for "tan striped shirt outfit." Nailed it!! Definitely one of my favorites to wear!

Outfit 5
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What did I search for for this one? I know I searched for the sweater...I'm pretty sure it was just "mint striped sweater outfit." I don't own mint flats and am not too keen on wearing flats with flares, especially very casual flare jeans. Definitely just wearing sneakers with this comfy outfit!

Outfit 6
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This is another one that has become a favorite, although it's already a little too warm to wear the vest. I searched "khaki vest outfit" for this result. Again with the shoes, though. Why would I wear nice flats on a rainy day? Also, I don't really think they go with that outfit, do you?

Outfit 7
Pinterest Link

It was totally the green jeans that I searched for when I found this look. I used my floral scarf, which has browns and greens that complement the rest of the outfit. They're a little hard to see from the photo.

and finally...
Outfit 8

This one is a bit of a stretch, but I wanted to include an outfit that featured a skirt. I think it was a search for chevron skirt that allowed me to find this particular ensemble. My tank top is mint, I promise it just photographed almost white. No denim jacket, so a black cardigan is substituted. And...I just realized, no shoes!! I've actually got a pair of black sandals that would do very nicely.

Well ladies, there it is. I actually have more than one outfit pinned for many of these articles of clothing, so you could almost double the results you see here! I may have overdone it already, but I hope you learned a couple of new tricks to making the most of your wardrobe and I hope you enjoyed seeing my comparisons! Happy weekend!


  1. Fun idea Jill! :) I bet it was fun to go through your closet/drawers looking for things to match the Pinterest looks! I usually get more general inspiration from Pinterest rather than mirroring outfits, but I'll have to try it sometime when I'm having trouble thinking (which happens a lot these days).

    1. I really like to mirror the outfits. It makes getting dressed in the morning so quick! I have a routine now of checking the weather and then checking my Pinterest board before I get dressed. Haha, That's probably borderline crazy but it's fun for me!


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