Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Liebster Award/A Little Bit About Me.

 There are 5 Wednesdays in April and I'm trying to keep my weekly series posts to a consistent 4 per month so here's a fun little thing today! Enjoy!

Recently Bethany from Liberty or Death so graciously nominated my blog for a Liebster Award! The first one for Elegant Homestead! I have answered her questions and included 10 more for you, dear readers, to answer!  If you have a blog, please comment to let me know that you've accepted this award so I can read your answers, or if you don't have a blog or would just like to answer in the comments, please do!  I love learning about the people who read my blog. It really helps me think of what kinds of posts to write.

 Excuse the graphic. I was playing around with a new app and I don't totally have the hang of it. i figured this made for good practice.

1.  Would you share a favorite quote and a favorite Bible verse?
My favorite Bible verse(s) is/are Psalm 121:1+2 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord who made Heaven and earth.
Favorite quote....hmmm...
"There is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still."-Corrie Ten Boom

2.  What would you like to accomplish before the year is over?
I would really like to buy a house before the year is over. 

3.  What is your ancestry (e.g. German, Italian)?
I am mostly English, Scottish, and French there's quite a lot of other nationalities mixed in there too.

4.  What is your favourite genre of music?
I mainly listen to showtunes and swing. I have popular favorites from the 1900s through the 1940s. Anything after that is more than likely a "new" cover of an old showtune. I also love discovering old recordings (the 1910s-ish) of favorite hymns

5.  Do you have a favorite bird or flower?
I love bluebirds and snapdragons. Bird and flower, respectively.

6.  What is the most encouraging thing anyone has ever told you/or that you've ever read?
My Redeemer lives!

7.  What is your go-to meal for when you need to cook something quickly?
Cooking leaves out PB&J I guess, so it would have to be eggs. Scrambled or boiled. It depends on my mood.

8.  Do you have a favorite word?
None specifically that I can think of. I notice more when words are strung together and they sound funny or nice.

9.  What is your favorite tv series?
The Dick Van Dyke Show. I'm working my way through watching it right now. I like Christy too, based on the Catherine Marshall books. I just finished watching that before starting the Dick Van Dyke Show.

10. If you could have a gift card to any clothing store, including online, what would it be for?
Eshakti or ModCloth would be cool! I love so much of their things but most of the items I like are out of my budget.

11. If I were to visit you in your hometown, what would be the first place you'd want me to see?
I couldn't choose. There are a lot of revolutionary war things to visit. It's pretty cool.


  1. The Dick Van Dyke Show can be *hilarious*. You might enjoy his movie Never a Dull Moment as well.

    I think PB&J's count for cooking--as long as I can claim the title as one of the best cold cereal cooks around!

    Excellent quote and Bible verse!

    Thanks so much for doing this award, Jill! I enjoyed reading your answers!

    1. I'll have to check that movie out! I've never even heard of it. Thanks for the recommendation!
      --and I totally "cooked" a PB&J for lunch today. ;)

  2. My dear Jill, I absolutely loved learning more about you :) I had to smile when I saw ModCloth.... it's my favorite online store :) And the quote from Corrie Ten Boom is a fantastic one to remember. I also love the genre of music that you enjoy *smiles*

    I hope you are doing well and enjoying your week. Hugs to you!

    1. I had a great week, hope yours was wonderful too!
      I'm hoping to purchase an Esther Williams swimsuit on modcloth sometime. They're expensive, but I bought my current suit about 5 years ago for just 5 dollars. So I figure it's about time for a new one (and maybe time for a little splurge.)


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