Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Cables || Centerpiece and Side Projects

Just to bring you all up to speed on my current projects:

I have been working on a table centerpiece for I don't know how many weeks!  It's this pattern, another filet crochet. I'm enjoying it, but it's taking a long time.  The graph for the pattern shows only about 1/4 of the whole piece since the patterns are repeated both side to side top to bottom from the halfway points. Plus, because I'm using a different size thread and hook, It's going to be about twice the size of the measurements given in the pattern. In other words, HUGE!

If you follow my Facebook and/or Instagram then you probably saw that not only did I sew a case for my knitting needles, but I also crocheted a rectangle to store my crochet hooks in. They are both getting good use with just holding the extra hooks and needles right now since I'm currently using just one crochet hook for the working on the centerpiece.

These pics are a little repetitive, but it was bound to happen after digging through paperwork, doing math, and finishing up taxes last week.

Let's see what other projects have I got going on...(that I actually plan to finish) Two cross stitch pieces and a knit Christmas stocking for my niece. I just remembered that! I should probably start soon if I want to have it finished by Christmas. I am not a very fast knitter. I'm also sewing together the granny square afghan I received in the mail. There are a few other projects that I'd like to start, but I think I have just about enough on my plate at the moment.

Last Friday I put a small (6" by 8") sketch book in my bag. I plan on trying to carry it around when I go places just to see what happens when inspiration strikes!


  1. Oh that piece of filet crochet work is so intricate and beautiful! How you have the patience to do it is beyond me, but well done!

    1. Thanks so much, Christine! I actually really like doing filet crochet because, as intricate as the designs look, it only uses double crochet and chain stitches which are very easy to do! Though, this one is trying my patience because of the size!

  2. Wow I love your crochet work. The crochet case you made it so nice and perfect for holding all of your hooks. You sound so busy with all of your projects. Have fun making them.
    Julie xo

    1. Thank you, Julie! The nice thing about the crochet case is that I can always add to it if I ever need to make more room for hooks and other crochet supplies! I am definitely busy, but it's nice to always have some sort of project to work on whether I'm at home or out visiting.

  3. Hello Jill and happy Tuesday to you!
    I love hearing what other crafters are up to and being inspired by their projects:)
    Enjoy all your creating...your crochet work is just lovely!
    Blessings and much love to you,

    1. Kelly-Anne, thanks very much! I'm glad you enjoy reading and seeing the sorts of projects I've been working on! Have a lovely rest of your week!


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