Sunday, May 31, 2015

Catching Up

Hello all! I know my posting has been a little random lately. I'm making two more stockings and working every spare moment on them. I just wanted to check in and let you all know a few things.

1. My posting days will probably remain a little random, but if you see a post from me in your blog feed I hope you read it and enjoy it.

2. I did record a song that was meant for last Wednesday's post. I'm not totally sure it IS what I'm going to post though. But...soon. Argh! Bear with me here. Haha, It's not nervousness this time, just not the best quality recording and a couple other glitches so I may record it again.

3. There are June series posts in the works. Currently in the idea stage still but I'm pretty excited about it!!

4. To those of you whose blogs I'm subscribed to, I have been reading your blog posts!! Keep up the great posts because they're nice to read when I can put my knitting aside for a few minutes!

5. I'm still updating my Facebook page and Instagram pretty regularly! I'll try to share some of those posts here on days when I know I won't be able to write a blog post.
--In fact, here's a picture of stocking 1 of 3 but without it's loop to hang from and my niece's name. I really like this pattern so hopefully I get faster at it with each stocking!

Thanks so much for reading!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Monday (Or Tuesday) Cables // My Favorite Skirts

Last Friday reposted a yoga waist skirt tutorial from my old blog and today I wasn't really sure what to write about. I've only been working on the Christmas stocking and it's just about finished so I thought I'd wait until next Monday to post the finished product.

After going through some of the filing cabinets of my mind and prying open a few of the rusty drawers I thought of a series I had begun last summer on my old blog called "Handmade Wardrobe" where I would put together a few outfits that featured an article of clothing that I had made myself. That series to an abrupt end when I had to start packing clothes away for my post-wedding move.

 I thought I'd make today's post about things I've made, as Monday Cables usually are, just not anything current. Plus this post is also a bit of a "spin-off" of Friday's post. These are a few of my favorite skirts and the tutorials I based them on. As I was typing this post I realized that all of these skirts were basically free for me! Other than sewing time put into each one, I already had all the materials I needed for all of them!

First is my Pleated Wrap Skirt based on the Tutorial at Grand Revival Designs. I made it in one night from an old sheet. It took me about 5 hours with several distractions. Right now it is in extreme need of ironing to put the beautiful pleats back into it!!! Taking it out of my closet for this post made me remember just how much I LOVE this skirt. Perhaps I'll wear it on Sunday and take a few pictures of it on. It's definitely one that I wear a few times each Spring and Summer.

Next is my Circle Skirt which is based on the pattern (and math formulas) over at The fabric, that's an old shower curtain. I absolutely love the embroidered flowers on it! The hem turned out a little uneven all the way around, but in my opinion I think it gives the skirt a nice bohemian style.

Of course I have to include a Maxi Skirt. I have been wearing maxi skirts pretty much everyday since I got poison ivy three weeks ago!! I've finally been able to wear pants again just within the past couple of days now that it's starting to heal up! This tiered maxi skirt is based on the JCarolineCreative How-To. This particular skirt started out as a skirt of another sort. Originally it belonged to my brother, he didn't wear it though. It was a bed skirt!

Another really simple skirt refashion that I have done a few times is just chopping of the top of a dress that is either worn out or doesn't fit right, adding an elastic around the waist and, voila! The most simple skirt you will ever make!!! I loved this full skirt on a dress that I had, but the dress was spaghetti strapped, empire waisted, and had a wide pink tie waist band and just didn't look that great on me. Since I really liked the fullness of the skirt and the print on it I got out my scissors and my sewing machine and within a couple of hours I had a new skirt!

~~ Proverbs 31:30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.~~

Friday, May 22, 2015

Tutorial || Yoga Waist Skirt

I'm on the road tonight and thought that would be a good opportunity to repost the first tutorial I ever wrote when I blogged at The Wizard of Odds and Ends. This yoga waist skirt is incredibly comfortable and can be worn with the waist unfolded for a high waist look or you can fold it over and wear it at your hips. I am always happy to answer questions about the tutorial if you run into a confusing spot.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sound of Music Series Week 3 || Love is Not a Fight

So far in this series I've posted a showtune and a 1940s popular song. Here is something that's quite different from both of those. Some of you may be familiar with the music of Warren Barfield...

 I first heard of Warren Barfield in the fall of 2009. My friend asked me to be in her wedding, but not only was it going to be the first time I was ever a bridesmaid, it would also be the first time I ever sang at a wedding. Oh boy! Preparing to be in a wedding, and learning a song for a wedding, plus beginning courses at a new college all within a couple of months was pretty crazy. In fact I didn't really have the lyrics solidly memorized until just a couple of days before the wedding!

I remember one night after an evening church service I felt my friend grab my arm as I walked out of the sanctuary. I turned and smiled, expecting some exciting wedding chatter. I guess it was...she asked me if I wanted to sing in her wedding! I think I responded by asking, "Why?" She kindly replied, "Because you're a good singer." (Anybody noticed my consistent lack of confidence yet?)

Here are a couple pictures of dress and shoes. The dress was sewn by the bride's mother! You can click the photos to enlarge them.

Well, I agreed to sing and she handed me the CD with the backing track of a song I'd never heard of. Love is Not a Fight by Warren Barfield. I put the song on my computer and practiced with the lyrics printed on the CD insert. The day of the wedding I was definitely nervous, but I was able to get through the whole song with no mistakes!!

I've intentionally changed the pixelation the video to respect the privacy of the wedding party but I really wanted to share this video so you could hear what I sound like singing something more contemporary compared to the videos I've already posted.

I plan on recording and uploading something brand new for next Wednesday. Leave any suggestions you may have for songs in the comments and I'll be look for karaoke/backing tracks for them on YouTube.

Thank you all very much for listening and for your kind comments the past 3 weeks! It has been a wonderful encouragement to me!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Cables || 20 Random Facts About Me

1. My favorite Bible passage is Psalm 121:1+2 and has been pretty much since I was age 3 and heard Reverend Mother say it at the end of The Sound of Music

2. I lose my slippers quite often which is frustrating since 99% of the time when I am in the house they are on my feet. I just step out of them to get the mail or something and then I can't find them anywhere.

3. My best friend and I recycle one birthday card. It's only happened for one consecutive year so far, but we plan on making this happen for many years to come. Although I missed her birthday this year, but she'll still get the card, just a few months late. Good friend, eh?

4. I just learned how to ski this year and I love it even though I get super anxious while getting ready to go every time.

5. I have a weakness for waltzes. Especially Richard Rodgers waltzes.

6. I watch more youtube beauty vlogs than crafting vlogs.

7. I prefer the term seamstress to sewer....I mean seriously, that says SEWER. I don't care what you call the guys in this profession. I'm just talking about my own preference right now.

8. I really like weird foods. I have eaten and enjoyed; liver, sardines, octopus, frog legs, crickets, mealworms, ants. On my list to try someday are tongue and escargot.

9. Being nauseous doesn't really bother me *knock on wood* but not being able to breathe through my nose makes me gag.

10. Whenever I get ice cream I almost always get a small chocolate soft serve in a cup. Very, very rarely will I try a new flavor.

11. I like to make lists. Shopping lists, to do lists, this list, packing lists, etc.

12. I try not to spend more than $10 on any articles of clothing, excluding jeans and shoes...I give myself a little leeway there.

13. I learned to knit before I learned to crochet. 

14. I like the look of knit, but I like the speed of crocheting better.

15. I never had my own teddy bear until I sewed one for myself in Home Ec. class in 7th grade.

16. My right foot is about half a shoe size larger than my left.

17. I can touch my nose with my tongue.

18. I am obsessed with eating Snyder's of Hanover Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel Bits with a stick of string cheese.

19. My husband and I have taught ourselves several duets from classic musicals.

20. In my baby book my mother wrote that my favorite song was Do, Re, Mi and my favorite game to play was Maria.

Hope you all enjoyed these random facts! Do we have any similarities?

Project-wise, I'm working on this Christmas stocking. So far it's going well. I haven't finished my cross stitch yet. In fact I'm going to have to rip out some stitch and back track. I was working on one of the last parts and realized that most of the top line letters were out of line. So I'll take a break from that for now and get back to it one the stocking is finished. 
Have you ever made a mistake on a project and had to put it aside for a bit until you go back and fix it

Hebrews 6:10

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Tutorial || No Sew Bluebird Bunting

Alright, I said I'd have this up tonight and I'm determined to have it posted before midnight No matter the struggle. I've been sitting on a towel most of the day (which you will see is the lovely background for my photos) with calamine lotion on the poison ivy on my legs while working on this. In the middle of it my camera battery died, so I had to wait for that to charge. Now the computer wants to update and it's acting a little funny. I am determined to publish this post tonight!!!!

3 Colors of Fabric Quarters --Any colors! It doesn't have to be a Bluebird! (I got mine from JoAnn Fabrics)
1 Spool or about 3 yards of 1/2 inch wide ribbon or lace
Liquid Stitch
Pencil or sewing chalk
Posterboard (If your fabric quarters come with thin cardboard in them, you can use that instead.)
Sharpie (optional)

 1. Draw full body of bird on cardboard. About 6 inches from the tip of the beak to the end of the tail feathers. Cut out.

2. Trace full body of bird from cut out onto second piece of cardboard.

3. Mark second bird at tip of beak and the lower base of the tail. Draw a line connecting both points shaping the bottom of the head and the wing as you go. Cut ONLY this top portion.

4. Trace full bird on third piece of cardboard and draw a line at just about the 1/3 point from the front of the bird for it's chest. Cut ONLY this front 1/3 portion.

They will layer together like this:

5. Trace each piece for the number of birds you want, all facing the same direction, then turn the cardboard pieces to face the other direction and trace again the same number of times. (note: Trace on the back of your fabric so chalk or pencil lines will not show on the finished bunting.)

6. Make sure you have all the pieces for each bird and have the same number of birds facing left and right. (These are the fronts and backs of the birds.)

7. Apply liquid stitch first to the back of the chest piece and attach it to the body. Then liquid stitch the back of the wing piece and attach that to the chest and body piece. Repeat for each bird.

8. Cut a piece of lace or ribbon long enough to give you just about 1 foot per bird. I had three birds, so I cut three feet of lace.(I'll be calling it lace throughout the rest of the tutorial.)

9. Cut the same number of roughly 8 inch pieces of lace as the number of birds you have. (Once the front and backs are put together, so half the number if birds you have assembled so far.)

10. Apply liquid stitch to the wrong side of a bird and lay one of the short strips of lace roughly in the center of the wing and about half way inside the bird.

11. Lay a bird, one that was facing the opposite direction, wrong sides together, with the bird you just placed the lace on. Press together and firmly pinch the lace inside to make sure it stays in place. Repeat for each bird.

12. Stack the birds facing the same direction and trim the ends of the lace even at the top.

13. Evenly divide the long strip of lace placing birds beneath. (You may even want to pin them to the lace and hold it up to be sure the bunting isn't crowded.)

14.Taking a bird and apply Liquid Stitch to the first two inches of the short lace and fold it over the long piece of lace, pressing firmly to secure it. Repeat for each bird.

15. Let dry. Hang up and enjoy!
PS. Sorry I had to use my flash for this picture so you can see all the gross prints and smears on the dresser! Definitely time for some furniture polish!

(Optional) Use a sharpie to color beaks black and draw eyes. You can also trim the edges of your birds too if you'd like a neater look.

Thanks for reading! I'd love to see if you make a bird bunting! Tag ElegantHomestead or use the hashtag #EHBirdBunting on Instagram. Or feel free to post or private message your photo to the Elegant Homestead Facebook page!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sound of Music Series Week 2 || We'll Meet Again

As many of you already know I'm really into old/classic things. Movies, music, clothes, etc. Mainly 1940s era. For fun I used to dress up and do my hair in styles reminiscent of the 1940s. Sometimes I'd take pictures and one time I sang.

I'm pretty sure you can hear the nervousness in my voice and, as you can tell, I am no guitarist. I printed up a sheet that had the chords over the lyrics of this song made famous by the British singer Vera Lynn during World War Two.

I have to admit, going through my YouTube channel and choosing which singing videos to share on my blog is more difficult than I thought it would be. It makes me SO nervous!! Oh well. That's what I'm trying to get over.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sound of Music Series Week 1 || Confession

Alright, I know what you're thinking....well, maybe. If you've been following me since before I switched my blog name then you may be thinking, "Oh, great. She's going to post about her favorite movie again and there's going to be another post all about the von Trapps." Let me say right now. No.

This post is going to be a series, and a slight inspiration for me, hopefully. We'll see where this goes though. I love music. I'm not the most talented person musically (or anything really) speaking. So this month I have a confession to make, I have a YouTube channel.

I started the channel in 2009 at the suggestion of a friend that I start recording covers of songs. Now, these aren't fantastic, jaw dropping, maybe-they'll-go-viral covers. They are me, most often just my voice singing into the camera which was set next to the computer speaker. There are mistakes, there are ..... Okay. Well, long story short: I'm fairly shy and self-conscious. So, without putting myself down anymore, I'll let you listen. You don't have to feel obligated to subscribe. It's been years since I've posted a song, but hopefully that will happen by the end of this series.

 I'll be sharing one song each week and maybe, just maybe (I'm honestly not sure.) I'll post a song by week number 4.
Here's a song that I'm a little more confident about:

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Monday Cables || Belated

I meant to post the bluebird bunting tutorial last week for the last wedding series post, but I didn't have the things I needed! I hope to get it up this week, but I'm busily working on a a wedding gift for this weekend, a late Christmas present, and an early Christmas present. And yes, I know it's Tuesday, but that plus the fact that I've mainly been working on the late Christmas gift gave me today's post title. See what I did there?

I will be approving, replying to, and posting comments soon!!! I have not forgotten about you, friends!

Here's a little peek into what I've been doing during last weeks blogging absence...there's been a photo or two on Instagram and Facebook. I try to give a quick update there if I'm not able to post a blog.

Wedding gift:
Fruit coasters from Repeat Crafter Me
The bride registered for some pretty cute, colorful pot holders which were not available in store and my husband repeatedly told me to only purchase things on the gift registry. I spotted the monogram coasters and wanted to get those. I love mine! I use them for more than drinks. When I wash the dust buster filter I'll set it on a coaster on the windowsill to dry...but again I was reminded to stick to the registry. Anyway, the next day I opened Pinterest and saw the fruit coasterd I'd repinned a while back and knew that I had the colors for the lemon and watermelon and that they'd be a pretty quick project so I went straight to work.

Late Christmas Gift:
I've posted about this cross stitch before.The one that was supposed to be a gift for my mother last Christmas but with wedding prep going on I never finished it. Before this week it had been set aside for a couple of months while I worked on the filet crochet centerpiece. Now I've picked it back up and sort of surprised myself with how quickly it's coming along. I just need to finish the letters and stitch 4 stars and I'm done. It's going to have a frame with 4 coat pegs on it when it's completely finished.

Filet Crochet Centerpiece:
Like I said above, it's done! All except for weaving in two ends and blocking it.

Early Christmas Gift:
I have a new niece! I knitted a stocking for my nephew abut 2 years ago and decided I'd knit stockings for all my nieces and nephews. I've only got one married sibling so far. Hopefully when the others get married the nieces and nephews will be spread out enough that the stocking supply can keep up with the demand!
Also, that pattern book is about 11 inches tall. That sort of gives you an idea of how big the centerpiece turned out!!

--She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands Proverbs 31:13 .--