Friday, August 14, 2015


I re-potted some plants last month as part of my Wednesday Series posts. (Which I'm taking a break from right now because they never seemed to pan out at the end of the month. Something always kept me from finishing the last week!) I mentioned my qualms about not having a green thumb and hoping that I wouldn't kill the plants by planting them in larger pots. The Aloe plant didn't seem to mind at all, and it was mainly the orchids I was worried about anyway.

Mid July I went to visit my family for a few days and watered the plants the morning before I left, fully intending to water them again the day I got back. However, that's when it wall went downhill, for me anyway. I got sick twice and was pretty much out of commission for a couple of weeks and entirely neglected to water my plants. I could see the orchid leaves drooping and kept telling myself "I'll water them tomorrow." for several days. Finally I sat down on the bed poured about 20 oz of water into each pot, including the Aloe plant. I also put a little bit of Sphagnum moss into to top of each orchid pot to hold some moisture instead of filtering it right through the wood chips.
small orchid
small orchid

As I watered the small orchid I see the silvery roots almost immediately turning green. This one hasn't really put it's roots into the chips yet. Orchids tend to have some air roots and this plant doesn't seem to mind when I pick it up and try to reposition it in the pot to stand it up better so that doesn't really worry me, though it's roots are small and it's leaves did droop quite a bit without water.

large orchid
large orchid

When I transplanted the larger orchid I had to remove so many rotted roots that I wasn't sure if it would survive but when I pulled the clear plastic pot out of the clay one to add the moss on top I was so surprised to see roots growing down toward the middle of the post! Success!! It even sprouted a new leaf this week too! The big test will be seeing if it grows another spike and blooms again!
ROOTS ARE GROWING!! (Look just above the hole!)
Have you ever had any plants that just wouldn't give up?


  1. Hurray for your plants staying alive! :) I have never been a gardener or potted-planter (how do you even say that?) but have thought it would be fun to have an orchid someday. Have they been as high-maintenance as one might expect?

    1. The orchid has been incredibly easy for me to take care of! (The larger one anyway.) The smaller one, since the time I wrote this post, has begun to dry out though its roots still seem to be growing.

      Anyway, the larger orchid has been o easy to take care of. I started watering it with a few ice cubes once a week but it didn't seem to be liking that. I watched a few orchid care videos on youtube and that started my repotting misson.

      I had to buy an orchid potting mix, which is mostly wood chips with the minerals orchids like mixed in. --From the store my orchid had been in ALL sphagnum moss which made most of the roots rot and die.

      Now that it's in the wood chips, with just a very small amount of sphagnum moss on top to hold some moisture, it does great just being watered with regular tap water about once a week.(I just turn on the cold but don't wait for it to actually get cold.) I'm sure that I'll have to water it about 3 times a week or so when the muggy summer air goes away and the dry winter air moves in.
      It seems to be a very happy plant on the windowsill with morning sun and a drink of water every now and then. :)


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