Saturday, September 5, 2015

Needle Pulling Thread....or Yarn.

Well, contrary to what the title says, I'm actually using a hook and yarn right now. Time for another update sprinkled with pictures I've posted on Instagram during the week. I've been here roughly every 10 days to do that and that feels okay. I'm prepping for a craft fair. My first craft fair. I'm pretty sure I mentioned that before.

Basically all I'm doing right now is knitting, crocheting, eating, or sleeping. Once in a while my body tries to do two or more of these at the same time. I've got just over a month until. The craft fair and I'm scared I won't have enough stuff!! Or the right stuff. That second fear is currently beside the point right now while I'm just crocheting/knitting away and feeling slightly more confident with each stitch.

To top things off my wrist and forearm are beginning to want to quit for the duration. I have a little hunch that I'm developing tendinitis. It wouldn't be the first time I've done that while crafting. Somewhere around 10 years ago my family went on vacation. My pants rented a cabin with satellite TV  but to avoid any arguments between my siblings and I about what to watch they decided that no one was allowed to watch tv for the week. So, I found something else to do...

When we went to a little store in town I bought one of those stretchy loop potholder maker loom things. I hope I described that well enough. I went through two giant bags of the loops in one week, made a bunch of pot holders, and gave myself tendinitis. 

So, plans for this evening: icing my arm, taking some ibuprofen. Hopefully that will nip this situation in the bud if I repeat it the next few evenings.


  1. Hi Jill,
    Wow I love everything that you have been crocheting and perfect for fall.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Julie xo

  2. Wow, you're good! Love the pics! ;) I absolutely love that first pic! So cute!


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