Monday, November 2, 2015

A Severe Case of the...

--This post was written last week and due to formatting issues and a feeling of blah it was never published. So now, I present to you this post. Enjoy!--

 Ah, Fall, you fickle season you. My grandmother would disagree. She believed your follower, Winter was the fickle one, but Fall, I don't trust your moodiness for a moment.

 One day you're crisp and colorful, the next day I feel like Summer might be back. Then you fool me again with a gust of wind and the trees are suddenly bare. Their scraggly skeletons are being drenched with a chilly rain falling from a gray-white sky that reminds one of the winter landscapes and snow that will all too soon cover the fallen leaves and makethe thin bare branches appear plump.

Today is rain. It's not Wednesday. It is rain. I am lacking the energy to knit a single stitch at the moment, but I hope it's slightly obvious from the previous paragraph that some sort of creative wheels are turning in my mind that I wasn't really aware of until a minute ago.

 I have a case of the blahs. It hasn't rained all day for a while and you think that I would see it as the perfect opportunity to sit and knit. Nope.  I have knitted, but it's coming along slowly, so I think I'm going to buy a pattern and hopefully make things easier for myself.  Every time the rain picks up I start looking out the window. A pattern will give me something to focus on and hopefully in the next post I can actually show you what I made. 

Thank you for reading this very unexciting post if you've made it down to this point. I shall leave you with the rest of the creativity that I could muster for this post.

Update: I did indeed buy the pattern and thing are moving along more quickly now and I can't wait to show you what I'm knitting, assuming it turns out okay!

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